So if you haven’t been paying attention in the OOC blog, I think we are going to be saying good bye to this rp for a while. Activity just isn’t cutting it, and there’s no real development happening. 

That being said, under the cut , I’ll link to my own rph blog and my other rp, and you all are welcome to reply with your own, so that we can still keep in contact. 

I love you all so much, and will miss this rp!!

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Is Grace still here? I know she had a second character, but I can’t find his url, so I’m just wondering if she left.

below the cut you will find your links to the OOC blog for each character thats taken. Please don’t click the link unless you are on the right character. If your link doesn’t work, message me.

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— Anonymous: I'm confused... Who are the admins?

Kelsey, Grace, and Tessa. Kelsey uses HeMo, Grace uses Naya, and Tessa uses Dianna. Kelsey is the one who is on the admin account the most though.

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So I’m kind of wondering if we should make an OOC blog. IDK it would be a good place where we all could talk and discuss some things about this rp and stuff.

— Anonymous: This is more of an opinion of a rper but I really don't seem to like the way you paired of the parents

Again, I’m the co-admin hun I’m not in charge of that but I’m pretty sure the main admin worked really hard in pairing off the parents and choosing their child FCs so props to her


Just thought I would comment, the pairing of the parents isn’t all canon, and this rp was started before season 5, so of course anything from season 5 wasn’t considered when doing the pairing, and besides that, when we came up with the masterlist, we wanted to have some different pairings than most family rps. Explore some different options than what you see on the show.


— Anonymous: Have you thought about changing your color scheme to something more appropriate to Lima or Glee?

I personally like the color scheme and I don’t think anyone should not join because of it, what matters is character development and plots right? Anyways I’m not the main admin so I’m not in charge of that babe


I don’t know exactly how you would do a color scheme for a city, but glee uses all sorts of colors, the only thing really uniform is the WMHS school colors which are red and white, but Pulling off red and white in a theme is actually very difficult.


— Anonymous: how many admins are there?

Two admins hun ( I just changed my mascot from Jade to puck to Brit sorry about that)

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So many FCs now open and you can all apply to them!

If there is an error please message me within 24 hours. You have all been inacitve for more than the required days which are three, you also have not contacted admin to put your characters on hiatus and received activity warning messages so I’m sorry but your characters have been reopened.